NZWTA Fleece Measurement Service


Please advise your contact details and fleece test requirements using the form below. Both sections (green and brown) are to be completed. From the information you provide, NZWTA will send to you sample ID tickets and sample bags to accompany your fleece samples. When completing the online form, it is important to:


  • Fill in a separate section for each group/mob that you want tested;
  • Advise the tests required for each group (different groups may have different testing requirements);
  • Provide an estimate of the number of ID tickets required for each group. The ID tickets will be printed with the Group ID name to ensure that you use the correct ID tickets with each group (ie spare tickets from the one group are not to be used with animals from another group).


Upon hitting the SUBMIT button you will receive an email confirming all information. This email will also include some guidelines to assist with providing the samples back to NZWTA in the most effective manner.

If you have any general enquiries about fleece testing, please contact NZWTA at 06 835 1086 or

Terms & Conditions for fleece measurement testing services.

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