Chemical Residue Testing in Wool goes Global

Posted on 16/04/2015

International environmental agencies demand strict regulations relating to chemical (pesticide) residue levels in wool. Customers from around the world can now take advantage of a new worldwide raw wool pesticide testing service on offer from AWTA’s NZWTA Ltd and Agrifood Technology laboratories.

NZWTA Ltd and Agrifood Technology have expanded their capabilities to analyse chemical residues in raw wool samples from anywhere in the world. This is a positive addition to the extensive range of services offered by the laboratories, and continues to support both domestic and international wool trade through the provision of accurate, timely and cost efficient residue testing.

Agrifood Technology, based in Melbourne, Australia is the only testing facility in the world with ISO 17025 accreditation status for the chemical analysis of raw wool residues under the IWTO standard DTM-59. Conducted under license from the CSIRO, analysis is performed on extracts taken from wool samples using patented equipment and processes. These systems are independently reviewed and accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA).

NZWTA Ltd & Agrifood Technology – Providing Solutions for Industry

The importation of wool samples into Australia is regulated by AQIS and Australian Customs. Concerns at the ever increasing threat of unwanted disease or biological contamination entering the country have meant strict quarantine restrictions have hindered international customers from sending raw wool samples to Australia for pesticide residue tests. However, more favourable quarantine rules on importation of international wool samples into New Zealand have allowed NZWTA Ltd and Agrifood Technology to combine resources to:

  • prepare extracts of any international wool samples at NZWTA Ltd;
  • transport these sample extracts to Agrifood Technology in Melbourne; and
  • provide the timely return of completed test data back to NZWTA Ltd for reporting to the customer.

The extraction process at NZWTA Ltd has recently been granted accredited status through International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ), thereby ensuring the extraction and analysis process remains fully accredited to ISO 17025 requirements. Importantly, this facility eliminates wool-importation issues into Australia and provides an accurate and efficient chemical testing residue service for the global wool industry.

chemical residue testing

How to Request Wool Chemical Residue Tests (from outside NZ & Australia)

Samples are to be sent to the NZWTA Ltd laboratory in Napier. Instructions on sending samples, including import permit documentation and required declaration forms, can be downloaded from our Importing Samples page.

For further information, please contact Phil Cranswick (Customer Services Manager) at:

Phone: +64 6 835 1086
Email: or for any other general enquiries