NZWTA Launches its New Website

Posted on 01/07/2015

We are pleased to advise that NZWTA Ltd has recently made some significant improvements to its website. These will enhance the user experience and provide more functionality for its customers.

Some of the key improvements include:

  • a ‘responsive’ web design – this means the website will adapt to display content in the best possible way regardless of the device used (eg computer, smartphone, tablet, etc);
  • additional material from the NZWTA Ltd Trade Diary, including auction dates and rostered volumes, and industry contacts sorted into relevant sections. Create a shortcut to have these sitting on your phone;
  • a News section to provide and store relevant news articles of interest to customers. This section will also include a search system to allow users to find relevant material;
  • An upgrade to the Certificate Verification system where users can request multiple certificates at once.

If you would like to add NZWTA to your Phone as a Shortcut please download the instructions here.