Button Batteries

Rules in Australia have change around packaging, accessibility and warnings for button batteries

Button and Coin type batteries are commonly used in small items such as car key fobs, toys, electronic goods, computers, remotes and general products.

These small but powerful batteries are identified as coin or button batteries as they are small in size with a diameter much greater than their height.

The Australian Government has mandated via the ACCC a new set of safety standards. These are:

– Button coin batteries or product containing these batteries are sold with adequate warning labels to alert consumers and educate the public, and

– Safety standards that prescribe laboratory testing to ensure that with reasonable use and some abuse of items containing the batteries, the battery remains inaccessible. 

Standards came into effect from 22 June 2022

NZWTA can help with any company exporting products to Australia to help meet the new requirements.  

Each product will have to be assessed individually for the needs of that product, so it is best to get in contact with us and discuss.

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  • Underlay

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