Children and Infants

Discover more about safety testing for children’s products, including fabric burn tests, firmness and labelling

It is especially important that children’s and infant’s clothing and sleep surfaces meet the highest quality and safety standards, with strict regulations and guidance in place across these products. Our testing capabilities encompass fabric burn tests and flammability, labelling and classifications, hazards, and firmness, to help assess and guarantee product performance and safety, for both compliance needs and consumer expectations.

Both within New Zealand and internationally, research and safety standards for children’s and infant’s nightwear and sleep surfaces are regularly assessed and updated. Our NZWTA team has a comprehensive understanding of these Standards and Regulations, and can provide expert advice to those seeking clarification or guidance.

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Children and infants tests we offer:

  • Flammability
  • Children’s nightwear conformance/classification report
  • Conformance to size
  • Infant sleep surfaces

Products we regularly test:

  • Children’s nightwear and pyjamas
  • Infant sleep sacks and bedding
  • Cot mattresses 

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